Hi! I'm Darkhan Bylkylov, a Cinematographer and  Director in San Francisco, CA. With over seven years of experience in content creation and social media marketing, I specialize in bringing unique visions to life through engaging visuals. Join me on this journey of innovation and artistic discovery.

Educational Backbone: A Foundation of Creativity

My academic journey at the Academy of Art University, where I earned a Master of Arts in Writing & Directing For Film, and at San Francisco State University, where I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Cinema, has been the cornerstone of my creative development. These institutions not only honed my technical skills but also nurtured my passion for storytelling.

Technical Prowess Meets Artistic Flair

My proficiency with cutting-edge equipment - from Blackmagic to Arri, Red, Sony, and DJI - is matched only by my ability to light and shoot scenes that captivate and engage. Whether it's through the lens of a camera or the strategic planning of a social media campaign, my focus is always on crafting narratives that resonate.

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